Darren Ambler: Internet: dating website stalker: abuser

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    I had a terrible experience with a guy named Darren Ambler from New Jersey. This person is a prime example of an Internet/ dating web-site abuser -stalker. He is without a doubt maladjusted in many ways. Darren Ambler used the Internet in a abusive way to stalk dating web-sites and other social networking web sites. His main goal was to stalk and attempt to find women on line for a sexual relationship with him. That is all Darren Ambler cared about. Jumping from one female to the next/ some were prostitutes.

    Darren would spend hours on various dating web sites coming on to women in hopes of getting a positive reaction. He used me for sex only. Lied to me and told me so many stories. Darren is a dangerous sociopathic liar/manipulator. He is a sex addict- pervert and he seems proud to wear the label. However- he does fear exposure and takes great measures to conceal his immoral- sick and twisted behavior.

    Darren Ambler essentially abuses women/ uses them for a sexual relationship then moves on to someone else. He will never admit to any wrong doing. Women need protection from on line predators such as Darren Ambler. He will screw women, use them lie to them then call them a whore. He is the biggest low-life I ever met. No morals- scruples- breeding- class. His personality on a scale of 1-10 is minus 50.

    He will solicit you on on line for a meeting or date with him. Show up and only want sex. Maybe an occasional diner. This guy must be stopped. Females are not sexual play toys for a creepy dork like Darren Ambler. He needs to grow up- stay off the Internet and get the mental therapy he needs.

    Darren would sleep with anyone dumb enough to go to bed with him. I admit I made a huge mistake ever becoming involved with an immoral player- womanizer. He is no good and a liar.

    Darren Ambler is under 6ft- stringy in-groomed blondish hair- 1970’s side burns: Homely as mud, skinny body, no butt, nothing appealing. Has a high pitched female like voice and no personality.

    Darren has no self-worth that is why he sleeps around with scum buckets. It builds his shattered ego and makes him feel like a man. He could never be a man no matter how hard he tried. Darren seems to suffer a sexual obsession and he is turned on by porno and dirty acts. Girls stay away from this sick low class dork unless you want your future ruined. Darren Ambler is psychotic and possibly sociopathic. Split -double personality with no conscience.

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