Seniors Warned About Scam

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    Seniors Warned About Scam

    An 80-year-old Rocky Mount woman recently was bilked of $6,000 in a confidence game that Rocky Mount police say is played far too often.Rocky Mount

    The most recent example occurred on June 23 at a store in the Cobb Corners shopping center. The woman was reportedly approached by man who claimed that he had found a large amount of cash and wanted to enlist the woman as a partner in the proceeds. As a show of faith, however, she had give him $6,000 in cash as “trust money.” She was told she then would receive her part of the found money.

    Her trust was misplaced. The man and a female accomplice, who took part in the deception but pretended that she did not know the suspect, departed with the elderly victim’s money and she ended up with nothing.

    “This scam makes no sense,” said Rocky Mount police Cpl. Mike Lewis. “That is why they usually target elderly people who are easily confused.”

    Lewis said the scheme takes advantage of people’s innate greed by convincing them they will get something for nothing. However, he said the perpetrators of such crimes generally appeal to people’s emotions by convincing them they can help their families or church with the money.

    “Any time you find money, you should report it to the authorities,” Lewis said. “You shouldn’t try to keep it for yourself.”

    Suspects in the most recent incident are described as a black man his late 50s, about 5 feet 10 with a beard. His accomplice is described as black woman.

    Lewis said this type of crime happens on a regular basis and may happen more than authorities know.

    “Sometimes people feel ashamed when they realized what happened and they don’t report the crime,” Lewis said. “But they should tell police. The people who do this are criminals taking advantage of our citizens and they need to be caught.”

    Lewis offers advice to people who are confronted with this or other such schemes.

    “Don’t be driven by greed to do something wrong or something you don’t completely understand. Get-rich schemes are usually just that — they are illegal schemes,” Lewis said. “The best advice is to stay away.”

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